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Catching Bait is Fun!

Captain Mike always says, "Catching bait is the best part of the day". Once he has full wells, he knows he will find the fish.

Mastering your cast net is one of the single most useful skills you can have in fishing. Whether fishing from land, your boat or someone else's boat, someone needs to be able to catch the bait. That someone is YOU!

You also have the option to buy bait and there is no problem with that. However, what are you going to do when the baits aren't available?

That's why we created this mastery series. This is the ultimate guide to utilizing your cast net to catch more fish.

Introducing Cast Net Mastery

This mastery book is your complete resource to getting really good with your cast net and catching live bait. When you finish this series, you will have a new daily routine when you fishing.
So let's get you hooked up and see Why live bait is the "unfair advantage".

What's Inside?

History of Cast Netting and why cast nets are used


Cast Net Fundamentals including the anatomy explained in detail


Physics of Cast Netting


Choosing the Right Cast Net


How to throw a cast net with two proven methods and illustrations


The art of cast nets with advanced skills


Finding the Bait


Cast Net Care and Maintenance



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There's a lot more inside for you to take your fishing skills to the next level!

Start Making Your Own Luck!

The best fishermen in the world make their own luck. By catching your own bait, you are already part of the 10% club.

When you purchase this "Cast Net Mastery Book", you join an elite group of fishermen that don't view fishing just as a pastime. It is much more than that.

A special note from Captain Mike, Author of "Cast Net Mastery".

Hey guys! Captain Mike here. I spent years honing my fishing skills to where I consistently catch fish. The biggest skill I want to pass on is the ability for you to catch you own live bait. I know if you can get some freshies in your live well, the rest you will be able to figure out.

I'm extremely excited for you to control the outcome of your fishing trips.