How Cast Nets Can Improve Your Fishing Success

People often inquire about the most effective ways to catch more fish. The consistent advice given is to use live bait. It represents the most natural and effective presentation in fishing. If capturing live bait independently is not an option, purchasing it is a viable alternative.

Mastering the use of a cast net is crucial for those who want to catch their own live bait, as it grants a significant advantage by ensuring control over the quality and availability of bait. This eliminates the reliance on bait suppliers, who may run out of stock or provide bait that is not in optimal condition. With a livewell full of fresh live bait, increasing one’s catch rate becomes much more feasible.

There are occasions when fishing offshore where Mahi Mahi will bite almost anything offered. However, on days when they are more selective, presenting them with fresh, lively bait can make a significant difference, particularly with the larger specimens. They find it hard to resist a vibrant, live bait.

Understanding the basics of handling and throwing a cast net to achieve an effective spread, often referred to as a "pancake," is essential before one can begin practicing this skill. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for successful live bait fishing.