Cast Nets are Sold by Radius, not Diameter - Understanding Cast Net Sizes

When selecting a cast net, it’s important to note that they are measured and sold by radius, not diameter. The radius of available cast nets can range from three to fourteen feet. This measurement is crucial because it represents half the size of the net's full diameter. For instance, a cast net with a ten-foot radius will open to cover a twenty-foot diameter, while a four-foot radius net will open to an eight-foot diameter.

It's common for anglers to inadvertently purchase the wrong size due to confusion between radius and diameter measurements. Each state enforces specific regulations concerning the allowable size of cast nets, which is often stated in terms of diameter. For example, in Texas, the legal limit for a cast net is a fourteen-foot diameter. This regulation has led some anglers to mistakenly buy a net labeled as fourteen feet in radius, not realizing this means the net actually spans a twenty-eight-foot diameter when opened, which exceeds the legal size. The appropriate choice in such cases would be a cast net with a seven-foot radius, achieving the legal diameter of fourteen feet.

To avoid such mistakes, always remember that cast nets are identified and labeled by their radius. Prior to purchasing a cast net, it's essential to check the specific size regulations in your area. For your convenience, a comprehensive list of these regulations is available on This information can help ensure that you select a net that is both effective for your fishing needs and compliant with local laws.