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Shore Series

Best Cast Net For Beaches, Lakes, Shallows & More!

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Available in 1/4" Mesh

The perfect inshore net is one that can catch the smallest baits in the surf as well as tackle the giants. The 1/4" mesh allows for small baits to get trapped without gilling. We balanced the mesh size with the pefect amount of weight to give you the best sink rates.

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Sinks Fast, but Travels Light!

Whether you are fishing from a lake, river or beach, this net was designed to sink fast, while not wearing you out. Bait fish aren't always where you expect them, so we designed a net that you can carry long distances while chasing the bite.

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Built for the Elements

We built a net that meets the demands of shore fishermen that rely on live bait to catch target species. We use the same top quality contstruction technqiues that are featured in our professional grade nets to give you the best opportunity at being "one and done".

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Throws Effortlessly

We came up with the softest net which means you will maximize each throw. Matched with our standard 6 panel construction, this is the easiest net you will ever throw and having the right net makes all the difference.

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Built by Pros, Loved By Everyone!

We had to build a net that exceeded the standards of fishermen that rely on catching bait fish daily. Add the Shore Series to your aresenal for mobility and distance throws. Some of the best baits take refuge right on the coast.

How To Throw Instructions

Learn the easiest way to throw the Shore Series without using your teeth.
Using just one hand, you can throw this net in full circle, we call those pancakes.
And you can do so all while staying clean.

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